After much persistence by my boyfriend, I decided to finally create a blog to post recipes and vegan tidbits!
My name is Beth, I live in New Orleans with my wonderful boyfriend Salvador, our dog Bailey, and our cat Bagheera.
At the age of 11, my family accidentally ended up with our first dog, Roxy. We were just watching this adorable little ragamuffin for a friend of my parents who was dealing with cancer and passed away while the pup was in our care. She was a wonderful little scruffy mutt that immediately had our hearts.
One day soon after, a girl in one of my classes was talking about their animals. They raised pigs and cows, they were her pets, they had names and she loved them and doted on them, just like I did with my new dog! The difference here was that they would kill them and eat them. That did it for me! I couldn’t believe I had never put it together before, but I stopped eating meat.
People would ask me here and there about going vegan and whether I would. I had always said “I couldn’t be one of those crazy vegans, I love cheese!” The more I learned about what went into it though… Rennet??? No, thank you!! I had started to stop eating any cheese that had rennet. And milk? Oh my goodness, how could I have been drinking that!? So I cut out milk, almond milk is so yummy! I had always been more interested in having a tall glass of ice cold water with my brownies or cookies over milk anyway. The more I looked into these things, the more I turned away from them. How could I possibly continue to consume dairy when it was contributing to some of the absolute worst parts of the industry I was so disgusted by when I gave up meat!? I was so upset with myself for allowing an addiction to cheese blind me to the fact that I was supporting such evil practices. At 24 I went vegan and have been happily vegan ever since.
I absolutely love helping people with any veg questions they may have and sharing delicious vegan food with others!
I hope you enjoy my recipes and please feel free to ask any questions. We all start somewhere and I’m more than happy to help you on whatever step of your veg-curious or plant based journey you are on!


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