A lot of my meals are healthy, colorful, veggie-filled meals, but not all. Last night Sal and I got home from a TRX class and we made vegan chili cheese dogs. They were messy and delicious, quick and easy, but probably not the healthiest option we could have made. Balance though, right?

My friend Amany told me that cotton candy grapes are not only back at Whole Foods, but are on sale, so I had to go and pick some up. Van’s power grain waffles were on sale too, I love them, protein plus waffles and vegan? Yes, please. When I got home I snacked on a few grapes. I was going back to work for a workout so I wanted to have something substantial too. I threw a couple of waffles in the oven, when they were done I added some almond butter, and then topped that with pomegranate seeds. A slightly dressed up lazy meal, but it was good and gave me fuel for my workout.


After my workout, I tried a Koyah freeze-dried smoothie that I had gotten in the Goddess Provisions Superfoods box (a box that I really enjoyed, so many great finds!). It was a quick and easy way for me to refuel after my workout, and I was really grateful for it because my shift started immediately after the class! Convenient, nutritious goodness on the go. I just threw it in my purse and after class mixed it up in my water bottle.


When I got home, I took inventory of the refrigerator, saw the little bit of chili we had left over and made quesadillas. I sauteed garlic, onion, and green bell pepper with some coconut oil and pepper, added the chili, added cumin and nutritional yeast. I toasted two small whole wheat tortillas, added a slice of Diaya cheddar to one tortilla and slathered the other tortilla with Tofutti sour cream and guacamole, and added the chili mix and baby spinach. Those little tortillas were filled with a ton of flavor and it was delicious.



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