Slow start and a sweet treat

It’s a dreary Monday morning. I was going to get up early and go to a cycling class, but the dog was extra cuddly, the rain was soothing, and that full 8 hours was calling my name. I’ll go to TRX tonight.

During a past fitness challenge at my studio an awesome group of bad asses was created to hold each other accountable and encourage workout regularity. The challenge ended, but the group stays connected, and the motivation has returned with the suggestion that we record ourselves doing workouts through the week again, with this week being pushups. We do at least 10 at a time, video tape them, and post them in the group. Such a simple thing but it keeps us all accountable, it motivates us, and it makes it fun. You can do pushups on your knees, you can do them on your toes, you can add shoulder taps, whatever, but it’s a simple thing that you can drop and do throughout the day that really adds up. I definitely recommend doing something like this with a buddy. You can challenge the other with whoever does the most gets to be treated to lunch by the other or something, or just enjoy the process of cheering each other on and trying to see how much more you can really do. 10 at a time can add up really easily. So between my random little things of the day, I’ll stop here and there and do 10 pushups and share them with the group.

Aside from my random pushups here and there, the pup and I are being lazy today. I’m doing some tidying up here and there, playing with her between, and watching a little TV. I put some frankincense and some lavender in the diffuser. And, of course, I’ve made breakfast. A grey Monday calls for a cheery breakfast, so why not ice cream? Not really, but a healthy alternative. I have a large tupperware in the fridge that I keep full of chunks of frozen banana. It’s perfect for dreamy creamy smoothies, or even better, for nice cream.

nice cream

Look at that. Who doesn’t want that for breakfast? I threw about 2 bananas worth of frozen banana chunks in the vitamix with a dash of vanilla extract, a packet of Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee with cordyceps,  a scoop of No Udder chocolate protein powder, some Cool Brew vanilla coffee concentrate, and about a teaspoon of Health Force Maca Force Lucuma Spice, then I topped it off with some lovely Sweetapolita sprinkles! As usual, a super easy treat! It’s so good, it tastes like an indulgence, but the most indulgent thing in it is a few sprinkles.

protein-powder.jpg maca-force.jpg shroomcoffee sprinkles.jpg





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