Whatever it is, it’s the weekend

I work Saturday mornings, making Sundays feel more like my Saturday. Luckily though, I get off of work early enough on Saturdays that I still get to enjoy whatever festivities are going on. Yesterday was my nephew’s birthday party, a bit of a drive away, but worth it.

To start off my Saturday I grabbed a bottle of water and added a scoop of It Works Chocolate Greens. I tend to keep snacks in my car. I’ve been caught in too many situations where there wasn’t really anything to eat, so I like to make sure I have something with me. Health Warrior chia bars are absolutely a favorite to keep stashed away. They’re delicious and filling, compact so they’re incredibly portable. I grabbed a Mexican chocolate chia bar from the car before heading into work. With my greens, my chia bar, and a coffee that a lovely friend brought me, I had some good morning fuel. After work, I treated myself to a favorite drink, a lavender matcha iced latte. So delicious. I didn’t have much time, so I sliced up an apple and threw it in a mason jar with some roasted coconut butter and headed to the party. At the party there was plenty of fruit to snack on, but I filled up mostly with chips and guac. They had Wholly Guacamole minis which are nice and convenient little packets of guacamole. When I got home, I had a nice and simple avocado pasta with angel hair, put some rose oil in the diffuser, and relaxed.

Today has been a nice lazy day, no obligations and sleeping in until after the sun had risen. I got up and had my chocolate greens, and then made a delicious combination of Four Sigmatic goodies: lion’s mane and chaga coffee mixed with mushroom hot cacao with reishi. I’m a huge fan of Four Sigmatic products, to the point that people think I sell it (I don’t) because of how I talk about it. I’ll do a post about them soon.

The entire reason I started writing today was that I made another veggie-filled delicious and super easy bowl. To try to prevent the inactivity that has plagued me with this blog, I want to attempt to post my meals more frequently. I’m going to stop waiting until I have a new recipe to share, because essentially my goal with this is to provide some insight into my vegan life and help others find that it is totally doable. If you were to look at my instagram, you’d basically know my daily dietary habits. I want to do that a bit with this blog, just share my meals. I’ll share meals, products I love, whatever.

The bowl today was great. I threw some wild rice in the rice cooker, put some frozen broccoli and edamame in the microwave, and then chopped up a carrot, a green bell pepper, some red onion, a cucumber, mixed it all up with some baby arugula, baby spinach, currants, sunflower seeds, and hemp seeds. Once everything was cooked and mixed, I added some ginger sesame dressing. Super simple, a good variety of flavors, and delicious.


I’ll probably blend up some frozen bananas later for a sweet ice cream like treat and will definitely be trying a new Four Sigmatic product: Sleep Stick with reishi!

Hopefully this begins a return to blogging regularly, hopefully you enjoy my food ramblings, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


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