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Dreamy Weenies, New Orleans


Dreamy Weenies is a wonderful restaurant in the French Quarter that specializes in hot dogs. Luckily they have several vegan options. Several! Multiple weenie choices, vegan buns, and an array of toppings and sides to choose from. Pictured above is a vegan andouille hot dog with vegan chili and guacamole with a side of vegan chili cheese fries. Vegan, vegan, vegan! They even have vegan potato salad which is delicious (try it on their Pothole hot dog.) It’s cash only but they have an ATM right inside with a .99 service charge,  probably the lowest you’ll find in the area. It was the perfect follow up after walking I’m Barkus today,  the canine Mardi Gras parade. Dog parade followed by vegan dogs. Good times!

Dreamy Weenies!