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Black Bean Tacos And Cashew Cream

After a full day at work, a bike ride home, and a good bit of homework waiting for me, I was not only hungry but wanted something fast and easy. A quick look around the kitchen and it’s decided. I had a can of black beans, taco shells, and cashews. Black bean tacos with a cashew cream.

Unless you, unlike me, planned ahead and soaked your cashews for about an hour, boil some water and soak 1 cup of cashews while you do the rest of your work.

Rinse out your can of black beans and add them to a medium sized sauce pan.
I minced 1/4 of an onion (use onion powder if you don’t have an onion) and mixed it in.
I tossed in 2 tsps minced garlic (can substitute garlic powder)
Mix in 1/4 tsp pink Himalayan salt, 1 tbsp cumin, 1 tsp chili powder, and a dash of red pepper flakes
Deglaze with 1-2 tbsp water or veggie broth, mix well, and mash up some of the beans in the process.

Prepare your taco shells as instructed.

Drain your cashews, and put them in your blender. I used my Vitamix, blends it up nice and smooth in not a lot of time. Blend the cashews a bit and then add 3 tbsp lemon juice, 2 tbsp water, 2 tsp cumin, 1 tsp minced garlic, a couple dashes pink Himalayan salt, and a couple tsps Siracha. Blend thoroughly scraping down the sides as you go to make sure you get it all nice and smooth. If it’s too thick for your liking, just add a bit more lemon juice or water.

Put your beans in the taco shells, top with the cashew cream, and enjoy!


Coconut French Toast and Easy Chickpea Salad

After a long week, a lazy Sunday was just what I needed! After a little sleeping in, a lot of cuddling with my pup and cat, I decided to make myself some French Toast. It’s been so long!
I toasted a few slices of bread since I didn’t have any stale bread at home.
This is what I used, but it’s really easy to play with this recipe, different creamers, different extracts, easily modified! This could be fun during the holidays when So Delicious has flavors like Nog and Pumpkin Spice.


1/4 cup So Delicious French Vanilla Coconut Creamer
1/4 cup So Delicious Vanilla Almond Milk
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp arrowroot powder
2 tbsp chickpea flour

Combine all ingredients in a wide bowl and mix well. Heat a non-stick skillet over medium heat and coat with coconut oil.
Soak bread slices in mixture and move to pan, cooking each side for a couple of minutes on each side, until nice golden brown. Sprinkle with powdered sugar, grab your maple syrup or pure cane syrup, and enjoy!

^This recipe comes from years of loving this recipe: The PPK Fronch Toast! and the modest alterations I have done throughout my adoration of it!

After that filling and delicious brunch, I just wanted something nice and simple for dinner yesterday. Scoping out what I had on hand I decided I could probably make an amazing chickpea salad in no time! I must say that I think it was accomplished, and I hope you feel the same.

I toasted some bread for a sandwich, chopped some lettuce to go with it, and threw the following in the food processor:

1 can chickpeas, drained and rinsed
1 tbsp relish
a few dashes turmeric
several dashes pepper and salt
1 sheet nori, shredded
1/4 c Vegenaise
1 tbsp chopped onion
1 tsp minced garlic
Blend, taste to adjust seasoning as you see fit, and enjoy!

Veggie Hash and Watermelon Dessert Bowl


I couldn’t decide what to make for dinner, but I wanted something easy, filling,  and veggie filled.
I decided that a carrot, a couple of fingerling potatoes, half an onion, a handful of mushrooms,  a few brussel sprouts, and some tofu would do the trick. 
I also had the urge to make something fun.

I heated a skillet with grapeseed oil to medium heat, diced the half an onion, and threw it in.
Then I sliced (lengthwise) the larger fingerling that I had on hand. 2 of them were enough thanks to their size.
With the pieces that were wide enough, I took my little star cutter to them to get some cute star shapes and to seed them in the skillet. I then diced up the scraps and put them in as well.
I cut a cleaned carrot into coins and then cut little bits out to give them a flower like shape. Much faster to do than it sounds. You can toss the little cut outs in the hash, I gave mine to my carrot craving pup by sprinkling them in her bowl. Put the flowers in the skillet. Mix veggies making sure nothing is sticking.
Julienne the mushrooms and toss them in.
Cut the ends off the brussel sprouts and then cut lengthwise and toss them in.
The tofu I used was a fried tofu from the Hong Kong market. It didn’t require much cooking just a bit of heating up, so I cut out a couple of hearts and tossed them in last.
I then added several pinches freshly ground black pepper,  pink Himalayan salt, a sprinkled layer of garlic and onion powder, and nutritional yeast. 
Cook until brussel sprouts and carrots are cooked through, should just be a few more minutes.

Afterwards I was cutting a watermelon into hearts and stars to have on hand in the fridge for easy snacking. I decided to take the scraps and dice them up.
I then cut up a bit of dragon fruit.
I had some leftover coconut milk whipped cream,  just a small bit. I tossed the watermelon and dragon fruit into the container with some blueberries,  mixed until they were lightly coated, poured it into a bowl, and had a delicious dessert!


Veggie Sushi



Such a delicious and deceptively simple meal!
Cook rice in the rice cooker (I highly recommend having a rice cooker, it makes life so much easier,  especially if you like sushi)
Chop veggies of your choosing into chopsticks or peelings.
I used cucumber and avocado, then took a vegetable peeler to a carrot.
When the rice is ready I added a bit of hot pepper sesame oil to it to give the rolls a bit of heat.
Lay out a sheet of nori seaweed, spoon rice onto it and flatten leaving about 1/2 an inch clear. Lay your veggies in the middle.
I add a bit of Veganaise along the length of the veggies to add a bit of creaminess.
Roll tightly. Wet your hands and seal the end, the part that was clear of rice. Let dry and slice into pieces with a very sharp knife.
I use either soy sauce or Braggs Liquid Aminos for dipping.
This is another dish that once you’ve got the rolling down, is super simple and easy to make in bulk.

Got lentil taco left overs?


We had lentil tacos the other night, and as you may have noticed if you’ve made it, the recipe makes a good bit.
With parades making it a little tough to get home, by the time I made it home I wasn’t wanting to cook anything too complex. Hooray for leftovers!
For one of these I heated two tortillas and reheated the lentils. I added a slice of Daiya cheddar slice to a tortilla, topped with lentils, topped with another slice of cheese and put into a preheated skillet. Heat until cheese has started to melt and flip. I put a plate on top before flipping to make it easy and clean. Heat the other side until the cheese on that side is melting. I then opened it up, added some chopped lettuce, half a mashed avocado,  and some Toffuti Sour Cream. Cut into triangles and enjoy!
Nothing like a simple to prepare dinner that doesn’t taste like it was!