Veggie Hash and Watermelon Dessert Bowl


I couldn’t decide what to make for dinner, but I wanted something easy, filling,  and veggie filled.
I decided that a carrot, a couple of fingerling potatoes, half an onion, a handful of mushrooms,  a few brussel sprouts, and some tofu would do the trick. 
I also had the urge to make something fun.

I heated a skillet with grapeseed oil to medium heat, diced the half an onion, and threw it in.
Then I sliced (lengthwise) the larger fingerling that I had on hand. 2 of them were enough thanks to their size.
With the pieces that were wide enough, I took my little star cutter to them to get some cute star shapes and to seed them in the skillet. I then diced up the scraps and put them in as well.
I cut a cleaned carrot into coins and then cut little bits out to give them a flower like shape. Much faster to do than it sounds. You can toss the little cut outs in the hash, I gave mine to my carrot craving pup by sprinkling them in her bowl. Put the flowers in the skillet. Mix veggies making sure nothing is sticking.
Julienne the mushrooms and toss them in.
Cut the ends off the brussel sprouts and then cut lengthwise and toss them in.
The tofu I used was a fried tofu from the Hong Kong market. It didn’t require much cooking just a bit of heating up, so I cut out a couple of hearts and tossed them in last.
I then added several pinches freshly ground black pepper,  pink Himalayan salt, a sprinkled layer of garlic and onion powder, and nutritional yeast. 
Cook until brussel sprouts and carrots are cooked through, should just be a few more minutes.

Afterwards I was cutting a watermelon into hearts and stars to have on hand in the fridge for easy snacking. I decided to take the scraps and dice them up.
I then cut up a bit of dragon fruit.
I had some leftover coconut milk whipped cream,  just a small bit. I tossed the watermelon and dragon fruit into the container with some blueberries,  mixed until they were lightly coated, poured it into a bowl, and had a delicious dessert!



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