Vegan King Cake!

Happy Lundi Gras!
Vegan options are getting more and more available, and luckily that includes king cake options!

Whole Foods



Available by the slice! Yummy but a little bit dry.

The PeaceBaker


You have to go out to Metairie for one of these beautiful cakes, but it’s worth it. These cakes are not only vegan, but also gluten-free! Moist and delicious. I definitely recommend it.


So many gluten-free, vegan goodies from The PeaceBaker!
Everything at The PeaceBaker is gluten-free, not all is vegan.

The PeaceBaker Bakery

Breads on Oak


Located on Oak St. in the Riverbend area is a lovely little bakery with all sorts of vegan goodies including these lovely cakes! Pictured is a vegan cream cheese filled one – delicious! I had previously purchased a cinnamon filled one, and while I had expected to love the cream cheese one the most, the cinnamon one is my favorite. We had pretty much eaten it in one day.

Breads on Oak

The demand for vegan foods has clearly gotten higher and is being heard! Makes life so delicious!



Have a wonderful Mardi Gras!


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