Veggie Sushi



Such a delicious and deceptively simple meal!
Cook rice in the rice cooker (I highly recommend having a rice cooker, it makes life so much easier,  especially if you like sushi)
Chop veggies of your choosing into chopsticks or peelings.
I used cucumber and avocado, then took a vegetable peeler to a carrot.
When the rice is ready I added a bit of hot pepper sesame oil to it to give the rolls a bit of heat.
Lay out a sheet of nori seaweed, spoon rice onto it and flatten leaving about 1/2 an inch clear. Lay your veggies in the middle.
I add a bit of Veganaise along the length of the veggies to add a bit of creaminess.
Roll tightly. Wet your hands and seal the end, the part that was clear of rice. Let dry and slice into pieces with a very sharp knife.
I use either soy sauce or Braggs Liquid Aminos for dipping.
This is another dish that once you’ve got the rolling down, is super simple and easy to make in bulk.


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