Got lentil taco left overs?


We had lentil tacos the other night, and as you may have noticed if you’ve made it, the recipe makes a good bit.
With parades making it a little tough to get home, by the time I made it home I wasn’t wanting to cook anything too complex. Hooray for leftovers!
For one of these I heated two tortillas and reheated the lentils. I added a slice of Daiya cheddar slice to a tortilla, topped with lentils, topped with another slice of cheese and put into a preheated skillet. Heat until cheese has started to melt and flip. I put a plate on top before flipping to make it easy and clean. Heat the other side until the cheese on that side is melting. I then opened it up, added some chopped lettuce, half a mashed avocado,  and some Toffuti Sour Cream. Cut into triangles and enjoy!
Nothing like a simple to prepare dinner that doesn’t taste like it was!


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