Creamy dressing


This is a super simple dressing that I use on salads and buffalo cauliflower or anywhere where I would have used bleu cheese dressing.
2 tbsp Veganaise
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
Several dashes garlic powder
Mix well

This recipe doesn’t make too much, perfect amount for a big salad like the one pictured above.

I absolutely love Veganaise. If you need a mayo replacement, this is it! It’s an amazing vegan addition to sandwiches, I even add a little bit to my sushi for a little creaminess. It may sound weird, but don’t knock it til you try it!
I have yet to find a vegan creamy dressing that I love so I this recipe has been wonderful. Follow Your Heart, makers of Veganaise,  have dressings I have yet to try.  I have a feeling they’ll be the store bought dressing I’m waiting for for those days I either want to bring dressing somewhere or just don’t want to make my own.



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