I’ll be using this blog to post about vegan products and services, about my own cooking and meals, and just anything that I think would fit itself in here somehow.

A bit about me – I’m 28 and have been vegetarian since I was 11. I always swore I could never be vegan because I looooved cheese. But the more ya learn… I very happily went vegan at 24. I had bought the Veganomicon, read it from cover to cover, started cooking, and here we are.

I live in New Orleans with my wonderful boyfriend, a crazy adorable pit lab mix, and a bag obsessed calico kitty.

I absolutely love to cook and bake. While I certainly enjoy my baked goods, I get some pretty awesome reviews and have even sold them through a local coffee shop.  I love sharing baked goods. It gives people a side to veganism that some don’t expect. Luckily this view point has shifted significantly over the years, but the amount of people who still say “Wait…this is vegan??” is still pretty large. Cooking and baking for people just really helps shatter some vegan disillusions that people have. So the next occasion you have for gift giving, why not whip up a batch of your best vegan goodies. Baking for people adds such a thoughtful touch to any gift and it helps to show people, we are not missing out!

I’m very grateful that when many friends have vegan/vegetarian questions they turn to me. I really appreciate that they know they can come to me, and that they are interested in the lifestyle! That’s something I’m going to try to do here, answer a lot of questions I get, and just make a nice easy information source for anyone who is interested. If you have any questions, just ask!

A picture of the article on the very first VegNews Street Team! It was an honor to be a part of this team!


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